LEAF Festival - Black Mountain NC

Lake Eden Arts Festival. 377 Lake Eden Rd, Black Mountain North Carolina.

Announcing Fall ’17 LEAF Festival Theme – “Fantastic Voyage”

Join us October 19th – 22nd

“Come along and ride on a Fantastic Voyage for the 45th LEAF Festival on Oct. 19-22, 2017! At LEAF, we believe life is about the journey. Every day holds an opportunity to discover something new that has the power to transform & uplift the way we see the world. This Fall LEAF, we invite one and all to embark on a voyage across the globe to experience music that will make your spirit soar. From the shores of Kingston, Jamaica, to the frozen tundra of Iqaluit, Nunavut, to the ancient forests of Estonia, to the streets of East LA and beyond… Prepare to expand your horizons with a once in a lifetime adventure. All walks of life are welcome. All ways of life are celebrated.” ~ Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director